During 2023, I had the incredible opportunity to work with the ANTE KOVAC team, a luxury brand renowned for its avant-garde handmade handbags and accessories. As the only 3D artist on the team, I took on a wide range of tasks, from creating architectural visualizations to working on VFX and digital fashion projects. This year has been a pivotal moment in my career, where I've learned and developed significantly.

Express Visualization

1-3 Days of Work Per Image

Demonstrating a talent for quickly understanding a designer's vision was a key aspect of my work at Ante Kovac. I transformed text pitches and simple concept art into proper visualizations, significantly enhancing the team's productivity, especially during critical stages of creating new collection. Since this rapid transition from idea to image visualization helped filter out bad ideas and identify good ones.


From Scheme to Manufacturing

My role at Ante Kovac allowed me to turn creative visions into reality, involving the translation of abstract concepts into practical 3D models. These models played a significant role in bringing innovative ideas to life, as these models were used during the manufacturing phase.

Digital Fashion

Leather Bag Modeling

I also took on the task of creating 3D leather bag models. My role involved the careful design and rendering of these models to ensure their faithful representation, aligning with the real-world equivalent. I did it using not only Blender, but also a Marvelous Designer

Video Content


I've created video content where I didn't just generate 3D elements but also took charge of video editing, sound design and sometimes even filming, effectively managing the entire video production process myself