Hello there! I'm Marsel Barkhatov, a passionate 3D Generalist Artist with a deep love for 3D art, especially using Blender. It all started back in 2020 when I stumbled upon Blender by chance, and it instantly felt this is it. For an entire month, I found myself immersed for 12+ hours every day, learning the ins and outs of this incredible software.

Before fully diving into the world of 3D art, my past academic accomplishments have earned me a grant to study law at the best university in my region (HSE University), I decided to give it a shot. However, during summer 2022 and after a year of studying, I came to the realization that law wasn't my true passion. It was a difficult decision, but I chose to follow my creative calling instead.

I'm thrilled about the potential to collaborate with other like-minded artists and to contribute my creativity to any kind of projects.